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Do You Want to Be FIT, STRONG and SEXY?

It's time to throw away the magazine workouts and fad diets. I help real people get real results with simple, effective training.

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Hi, I’m Chris

I'm a fitness nerd, US Navy vet, NYC celebrity trainer, and samurai. I'll show you how to get in the best shape of your life.
  • Lose fat while still eating your favorite foods
  • Build muscle without spending hours in the gym
  • Get stronger, faster and more athletic
  • Improve your mood, confidence and sex drive


The time for excuses is over. I’ll help you lose stubborn fat, build a muscular physique and become awesome:

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Are your Tinder pictures from 2013? Grab this FREE program that will get you shredded in just 28 days:

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Here is How I Gained Over 30lb of Muscle in 6 Months

Gain Muscle

It's time to stop wearing smedium t-shirts. Here is how I gained 30lb of muscle in 6 months (and so can you):

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Counting Macros Is The Best Way to Approach Your Nutrition

Hack Your Diet

Want to eat your favorite snacks and STILL lose weight? Start counting your macros and forget about "dieting":

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